Deportivo Toluca F.C. vs Querétaro F.C. matches: features and history

Women’s football is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And Mexico is no exception. Now women’s competitions are regularly held in this country as well. One of the most interesting ones is the Deportivo Toluca F.C. vs Querétaro F.C. matches. These teams regularly delight spectators with exciting encounters.

The history of their encounters began in 2019. That’s when the first leg took place. It ended in a goalless draw. It partly set the tone for the next encounters between the teams.

History of personal relationships

So, since 2019, the teams have been playing each other regularly. They usually play 2 meetings each during the same season. Each club plays in their home stadium. At the end of 2022, the teams have managed to play 6 duels, which means that it is possible to sum up the intermediate results. Among the main trends:

  1. Deportivo Toluca’s superiority. The team has won 4 of their 6 fights. Though the choice is not that big, it is still representative. This team looks more successful, as any fan can easily see. Their current matches are covered on a well-established platform, with live updates. Remarkably, Deportivo Toluca are unbeaten in their first two matches. As mentioned above, the first face-off ended 0-0. And the second match ended in a win for Querétaro F.C. Only after that did Deportivo Toluca manage to break down the meetings in their favour.
  2. Many of the matches were fairly ineffective. This was particularly clear in the first encounters. In the first 4 meetings between the teams, they managed to score a total of only 3 times. But later, the situation began to change. Teams began to score 3 – 5 goals per meeting. This allows us to expect that the clubs will continue to display the kind of result-oriented football that fans like so much.
  3. Home support is not crucial. For example, Deportivo Toluca have managed 2 of their 4 victories over their opponents on the road. This is the clearest demonstration that today’s players do not care where they play. Under any circumstances they are ready to give 100% and achieve a positive result for themselves.

However, it is obvious that in this rivalry everything is just beginning, and they will have a lot of interesting encounters ahead. Fortunately they take place regularly. So the fans have the chance to enjoy two clashes a year. Fortune may smile on either team.

Specifics of the clash

Most of the time, the matches turn out to be quite intriguing. Yes, Deportivo Toluca have more wins. But in 3 out of 4 matches, when this team has won, it has done so with the minimum advantage. This is the clearest demonstration that in this confrontation there is a hard fought battle and neither of the opponents is going to give up.

Often, a single shot can decide the outcome of the game. That is why the spectators sometimes wait for the decisive moment throughout the game.

Now the teams regularly play 2 games between them during the calendar year. This regularly provides the fans with exciting encounters. They can now be followed live. Besides, on the verified platform one can easily find the schedule of the forthcoming matches and information about the teams’ position in the standings. The information is updated regularly. Thus, now all the data on Deportivo Toluca F.C. and  Querétaro F.C. matches are collected on one platform. Therefore, every detail of the confrontations will not be difficult to find.

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