Necaxa Deportivo Toluca FC: history of the clash

The Mexican League always brings fans exciting encounters. And it is true not only for men’s, but also for women’s competitions. The Necaxa Deportivo Toluca FC encounter, for example, is a popular topic of conversation. The women’s club matches attract more and more attention, they are a joy to watch in an uncharted competition.

History of the derby

The history of the confrontation between the two teams began in 2019. That’s when they met for the first time. Deportivo Toluca emerged victorious in the opening encounter. The club managed to beat Necaxa away with a score of 1-2.

However, they did not have to wait long. The next meeting between the teams took place three weeks later. In it Necaxa, playing at home again, managed to pull off a 2-1 win. The first two meetings set the tone for the whole encounter.

In general, the meeting statistics between the teams are fairly even. Moreover, if we take the first 3 years when they played, the stats are evenly matched. Each team has two wins. Another 2 matches ended in a draw. This is the clearest demonstration that the clubs are of roughly the same level. The more interesting it is to watch their rivalry. In these matches it’s always hard to predict the outcome.

Continuing to summarize the first three years of confrontation, there are several features to note. For example:

  1. The matches are almost always fiercely fought. In the first three years of the encounter, neither team managed to win by even 2 goals. If they manage to win, it is with a minimal advantage.
  2. In most matches, both opponents often score. In the early years of the confrontation, only once was by chance when Deportivo Toluca failed to score. In the remaining matches, both teams have always differed.
  3. At times, the teams can also produce great performances away from home. Moreover, both Deportivo Toluca and Necaxa have already managed to win on home soil. This is the clearest demonstration yet that the teams do not care where they play. They are ready to fight for victory under any circumstances. All the more reason for spectators to watch this clash.

Though the encounter’s history is still sparse, it regularly fills up. The clubs play 2 games per year in the Mexican championship. They take place at the stadiums of each of the opponents. Therefore, fans of the clubs have the opportunity to see their opponents every year.

Specifics of the meetings between the two clubs

The matches are intense and eventful. Never before in the history of the confrontation has a match gone goalless. Therefore, these games will be of interest even to neutral fans.

The women’s football matches are:

  1. Uncompromising. Yes, some of the matches between the teams ended in a draw. But in these meetings representatives of both clubs always gave 100% and fought for victory.
  2. Dramatic. Often the encounter was decided in the dying minutes. That’s why you had to follow such matches to the very end. It is quite probable that the climax will come in the dying minutes.
  3. Clear. For example, the players do a lot of feints, trying to show their technique. It always looks spectacular, especially when the girls do it at high speed.

Thus, the confrontation between the two Mexican teams is gaining momentum. It is almost becoming the main event in the country. Keeping an eye on all the action and the pulse of the action is easy thanks to the trusted website, where the match updates are made in real time.

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